Re Engineering

Business process re-engineering is the analysis and design of processes within an organization. The fundamental rethinking and redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in performance. Our well defined reengineering process ensures that the current processes are analyzed thoroughly before it is re-designed. Analysis is the key to redefine the new system or process. So, it is important we spend enough time analyzing the current process to ensure results.

Our re-engineering service encompasses the envisioning of new work strategies, the actual process design activity, and the implementation of the change in all its complex technological, human, and organizational dimensions. Our critical re-engineering process includes: Process Engine, Business Analytics, Content Management and Collaboration Tools.

Our Typical reengineering process comprises of:

  • Vision - strategize functions, workflows and processes
  • Define - baseline the process and its improvement
  • Model - simulate the change to the process.
  • Analyze - compare the various simulations to determine an optimal improvement
  • Improve - select and implement the improvement
  • Control - deploy this implementation and by use of user defined dashboards monitor the improvement in real time and feed the performance information back into the simulation model in preparation for the next improvement iteration.
  • Re-engineer - revamp the processes from scratch for better results